Audit, Consulting, and Strategy

In order to strengthen the performance of your company, increase its reputation and position it in the market, Viral Com Africa offers its Audit, Consulting and Strategy division. We implement the necessary means to support you in your decision-making and especially in the development of effective communication strategies. Our goal is to guide you towards your business goals by optimizing your market presence and developing impactful communication initiatives.

  • In-depth analysis

It is about making a deep analysis of the achievements already carried out by our partners; their strengths and weaknesses through a market study; a competitive analysis; a review of financial data.

  • Strategic Recommendations

Following the analysis provide personalized, adequate and original recommendations 

  • Strategic planning

This involves developing a detailed strategy by defining clear objectives; actions to be implemented; a precise budget…  

  • Monitoring and evaluation

The aim is to assess the results obtained in order to measure the impact and effectiveness of the strategy put in place. We will therefore monitor key performance indicators.

  • Business intelligence

To be on the lookout for new market trends, market developments, new opportunities.